Advanced unique Real Two-Way Connection by Roomer & DK

Do you want to know more about the uniqueness of the Roomer DK Pos & DK Finance connection?

Connect Roomer PMS to DK Pos & DK Finance and streamline your business while saving on costs. Send your restaurant items to the rooms and create one clear invoice for your guests.

Learn all about the advantages of our integration

  • Always in sync information
    If you change prices or customers information in DK or Roomer, the information is updated in both systems
  • Monitor & control customers
    Identify if customer is active or not for secure invoicing
  • Efficient & smarter technology
    When prices are missing, Roomer takes care for you by asking DK for a price of the item and implementing the selling price  
  • Convenient, smarter & faster
    Automatically check balances on gift cards in DK
  • Professional combined invoicing
    Provide your guest with one invoice for their room and restaurant visit. Send the restaurant items from DKPos to Roomer and set your own invoice template
  • Flexible & domestic invoicing
    Roomer allows separate currencies and takes care of the calculation if the customer is configured with only one currency in DK
  • Monitor, review and track invoices
    Have a clear look of your open invoices with the available open invoices report
  • No bookkeeping errors
    When closing invoices in Roomer, you can choose the invoice-date. No bookkeeping errors are made
  • Custom filter options
    Filter your customer list and group them by discount

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