Frequently asked questions

It’s our goal to provide you with as much important information about our products and services on our website as possible. We understand that you still might have some questions. Have a look at our FAQ first. The answers are likely to be there. If you have another question or need some help, click here. Do you have a question about the PMS, go to our support website.

I want to switch my current PMS to Roomer, what can I do?

We are happy to welcome you at Roomer! Our Activation team ensures you that your reservations from the past and the future are transferred to Roomer and all your channels are activated / linked to the Roomer Channel Manager so you can manage all availabilities, rates and rate plans from one system: Roomer. We guarantee you that your transfer runs smoothly and we will guide you through the process from start to end. All you have to do is cancel your contract with your current supplier. We do not want you to pay double costs for two systems, we will consult with you when your Roomer contract starts.

I do not have a PMS yet and I want to use Roomer, what should I do?

Very nice! To automate your work and save time, a PMS is recommended for every accommodation. From hotel owners to hostel owners, a PMS ensures you that you have more time for what really matters, your hotel guests! Our sales team is happy to help you out with the new Roomer PMS, you can reach us via or via +31 (0) 85 27 36 150.

How many users can work in Roomer at the same time and what are the costs per user?

You can create as many users as you want. Our monthly fee is not based upon the number of users. You only pay the agreed monthly price and nothing extra for the number of users.

Is the demo free of charge?

We are happy to show you Roomer free of charge. We can provide a demo online or, if possible, on location. You can also try our solution yourself via our demo request page.

What is the term and notice period of my contract?

The duration of the agreement is at least 12 months and the notice period is a calendar month before the end of the term of the contract. If you have a contract, please review your contract and call us if you have additional questions.

Do I get a trial period to use and test Roomer?

We offer a Roomer version with a connection to your & Expedia channels for a trial period of 1 month. After the trial month we will discuss your experiences and you can enter into a contract or decide not to use Roomer and we will close your PMS and connections to your channels.

How much is the set-up fee of Roomer?

Our team is doing their utmost best to transfer your reservations of your current system and your OTA’s to Roomer. We will activate your Roomer PMS according to your wishes. We charge a one time fee payment.

Is the 2-hour introduction training free of charge?

The introduction training of 2 hours is free of charge and will be provided it to you and your team. The introduction training will take place on location or online.

How long does the set-up of my Roomer PMS take?

The set-up of your Roomer PMS can be done by our team in two days. Depending on the information you provide us, this activation process can go faster or take more time. We will discuss the timeline in advance with you and give you a realistic indication and an overview of the information we need for the set-up.

How can I reach Support & Activation?

On our support website you can always find information like training, handy tips, the manual and feedback. Do you want direct contact? Our Support & Activation team can be reached from Monday to Friday from 08:00 – 18:00 CET via +31 (0) 85 27 36 150 or via Outside ‘office hours’ and during weekend days, you can reach us by leaving a voicemail message or sending us a mail. We will contact you as soon as possible.

I want help through remote support, is that possible?

You can request remote support under the ‘help’ tab in your Roomer PMS. If you contact us via +31 (0) 85 27 36 150, you can give the unique code that appear on your screen to our team so we can see what is happening on your screen and help you.

How can I pay the monthly fee for the use of Roomer?

You will receive a monthly invoice by the end of the month. You can pay via credit card, with a transfer or debit card.

I am missing a functionality in Roomer, what can I do?

Do you have ideas or points for improvement? We would like to hear them! We have our IT team in-house and they can inform you when possible improvements can be implemented. We appreciate your input! You can send your feedback here.

I have a problem or a question about Roomer, what should I do?

You can send your question or problem here. If you want to speak to us personally, you can reach us via +31 (0) 85 27 36 150. Of course you can also send an e-mail.

Can I link my POS system to Roomer?

We can link various POS systems to Roomer, are you curious whether your cash register system can also be linked to Roomer? Please check our partner page or contact us. Thanks to our Open API, POS systems not mentioned on our partner page can also be linked to Roomer in the future easily. We would be happy to discuss with you what the possibilities are and give you a realistic timeframe for your POS integration with Roomer. Please contact our sales team!

Can I link my accounting software to Roomer?

We can link various accounting systems to Roomer, are you curious whether your solution can also be linked to Roomer? Please check our partner page or contact us. Thanks to our Open API, providers not mentioned on our partner page can also be linked to Roomer in the future easily. We would be happy to discuss with you what the possibilities are and give you a realistic timeframe for your integration with Roomer. Please contact our sales team!

I want to use an upselling platform, how do I link the platform to Roomer?

We can link various upselling platforms to Roomer, are you curious whether your solution can also be linked to Roomer? Please check our partner page or contact us. Thanks to our Open API, platforms not mentioned on our partner page can also be linked to Roomer in the future easily. We would be happy to discuss with you what the possibilities are and give you a realistic timeframe for your integration with Roomer. Please contact our sales team!

I want to sell my rooms through an OTA, is that possible?

Offering your rooms through OTAs will increase your reach, visibily online and give the world access to your hotel rooms. The disadvantage of the commission costs is the reason to manage these channels and rates well. Roomer has various solutions such as the Revenue Tools and the Online Booking Engine. Nevertheless, it is good to offer your rooms through OTAs. Do you wish to add an OTA to the Channel Manager? We have over 600 connected OTAs to our Channel Manager and Roomer. Please contact us and we will take care of the link.

How many OTAs can I manage in the Roomer Channel Manager?

You can manage an infinite number of OTAs in the Roomer Channel Manager. Our package prices are based on three OTAs but give the possibility to link more than three OTAs at an additional cost. In consultation with you we would like to offer you a price, please contact us.

I want to automatically close rooms at a specific OTA when my hotel has a occupancy rate of 70%, is that possible?

To manage your commission costs, availability and occupancy optimally, you can use the Revenue Tools in Roomer. You enter a ‘rule’ based upon your strategy and the OTA you want to close, closes and opens at that entered occupancy. You will save on commission fees and have a opportunity to sell your rooms directly via your own website or on your own. Roomer will automatically open and close the availability on the channels like you entered and within the period you have entered.

I want to make rooms available again through OTAs when I get cancellations, is that possible?

The availability can be managed in the Roomer Channel Manager. Everything you manage will be implemented live for the OTAs within a few seconds. If you have your availability automatically managed by Roomer, the availability will automatically be adjusted online when you get calculations and reservations in a matter of seconds. You will not have to worry about your availability online and offline from now on.

If I adjust rates and / or availability in the Roomer Channel Manager, how long does it take before the adjustment is made online and live on the channels / web?

Adjustments in Roomer are implemented immediately within a few seconds. The Channel Manager is a 2-way connection and ensures fast and live processing of bookings, adjustments and rate adjustments.

We have a new staff member and I want to receive a training, is that possible?

We are happy to help you with the introduction of your new colleagues. We can provide training for new staff online or in your hotel if that is possible. You can create a new user for the new employee yourself or have this done by our Support team. You can set the rights for the user and therefore the functionalities which the user has access to and can use. Please contact us to discuss the training of new employees.

Do I pay commission over the bookings via the Roomer Online Booking Engine?

You do not pay a commission fee per booking via the Roomer Online Booking Engine. If you place an online booking button on your website to your Roomer booking engine, you can save on commission costs and encourage direct bookings for your hotel.

I have a Mac book, can I use Roomer on a Mac?

Roomer is a web-based PMS that gives you access to your PMS via the web. You do not need to download a program and can use Roomer directly on any computer via your browser.

I want to exclusively give employees in the hotel access to Roomer PMS and not on another location or home, is that possible?

It is advisable to only provide access to users if they are in the hotel. By setting your hotel IP address within the settings, you can ensure that remote users do not have access to Roomer. This will prevent users to change data and other important information in Roomer from another location. You can provide the user which needs access from another location outside of the hotel with these rights and exclude the ones that do not need the access to your system.

I want to make some functionalities in Roomer visible only for certain employees, is that possible?

You may wish to make management reports visible only to management members or you wish to offer revenue managers and reception managers the possibility to adjust rates and availability. With roles you can assign users rights. These roles are easy to set up in the Roomer settings.

I want to use the Tokenization Tool in Roomer, what should I do?

With the Tokenization Tool you can settle payments on payment cards directly. You can directly charge payment cards, carry out authorization immediately and you can even refund amounts. In Roomer you can find the amendment you need to sign to agree with the service and send it back to us or contact our team for more information.

Are my transactions and those of my hotel guests safe and secure?

Roomer has the Tokenization Tool, to offer you secure data transactions with regard to the processing of credit cards. All sensitive data regarding payment cards go through a secure external gateway and are tokenized and thus not processed on our servers. This is a unique, modern and safe way for hotels to process sensitive data and anticipate with the GDPR regulations.

Can Roomer guarantee the safety of data and guest data?

Roomer continuously maintains high standards for security and compliance in all our sales markets around the world. This has always been our highest priority. Our cloud infrastructure is designed to provide customers with the most powerful, most flexible and secure cloud environment available today. Roomer offers a number of services and tools that allow all hotels to build a GDPR-compliant hotel infrastructure themselves. Our cloud-based infrastructure travels on 256-bit encryption. A 256-bit encryption refers to the length of the encryption key used to encode a data stream or file. A hacker or cracker needs 2256 different combinations to break a 256-bit encrypted message, which is virtually impossible to be broken by even the fastest computers.

Do I get the future updates of Roomer free of charge and when will the latest version be updated?

All Roomer updates are offered free of charge and immediately implemented. You do not need to download anything extra or a new version. We will always keep you informed of the developments and all these update are included in your package.

I want to make a distinction between guest accounts and group accounts, is that possible?

It is comment for companies to pay the hotel nights via a separate invoice and the individual has to pay the extra costs (for example the costs of the minibar) themselves. In Roomer you can easily create group accounts and individual accounts on various ways. You can easily move the sales items from account to account and separate a room invoice in one, two or three invoices.

I want to change the lay-out and colors in Roomer, is that possible?

When you start using Roomer you can indicate which colors you prefer to use. We will ensure a quick installation of your PMS. If you wish to change colors in the future, you can always do so in settings.