The effects, actual and projected, of the Coronavirus are becoming evident across the globe and the climate in which we are operating is changing in real time. We understand the personal effects and challenges our hotels face and hope to assist you with the support, information, data and reports you need.

Please let us know what we can do for you regarding your hotel data, statistics, booking overviews or reports. Send us an email and we will deliver the reports and data you requested. We are also available for all your questions. Ask us anything.

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Secure Payment Processing

Ensure that your guests payment details are kept secure at all times

Your guests’ credit card payments can be settled directly in Roomer without a payment terminal, pinpad or other device and comply with the PCI regulations. Thanks to our integrations with accounting programs, the financial administration becomes a simple way of working. Roomer is working with PCI Booking to handle all payment card information. Through this partnership we ensure that your guests payment details are kept secure at all times, and that we continually meet and exceed the highest level of PCI compliance. PCI Booking’s Data Tokenization protects card data by replacing sensitive data with a randomly generated token, making it impossible to reverse engineer in order to reveal any financial card data. Learn more…

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Welcome Hotel King’s Court

Even during these times hotels are digitizing and looking for new solutions and tools to improve their operations. On April 1st 2020 we have welcomed Hotel King’s Court to Roomer. The hotel is located in a unique location in Amsterdam where important connecting roads converge. It offers its guests 98 comfortable rooms. We warmly welcome you and your hotelguests to Roomer PMS & Channel Manager.

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