Viking Challenge Round Trip May 2019

Calling all hotels, for your loyalty to Roomer you have been invited to join the Round Trip meetings and we challenge you to search for the Viking Helmets.Official sign-ups are open. Will you be joining us as well?


On Monday 13th until Friday 17th of May. 


  • 13.May: Akureyri in Hótel KEA 
  • 14.May: Egilsstaðir in Hótel Valaskjálf 
  • 15.May:Höfn in Hótel Höfn
  • 16.May:Vík in Hótel Katla 
  • 17.May: Reykjavík in Hótel Alda

Viking Challenge

  1. Find 1 of the 5 Viking helmets on the meeting locations
  2. Post a picture on your social media with the helmet on your head #VikingRoomerChallenge @ROOMERPMS
  3. The best 5 pictures will be getting 10% discount on your next invoice
  4. There can only be one winner, the best picture will win a 15% discount on their next invoice.
  5. Discount on next invoice