Release notes

Reservation’s contact allowed as invoice header method;
Room descriptions on invoices
Handling unassigned rooms in the nationality report;,
The first name field and profile lookup have been split;
Reservation ID clickable if the room is part of a group reservation;
Selecting numbers of visible rows;

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Managing multiple channel managers;
Contact name filled automatically with the main guest while making a reservation;
Guest name is copied when duplicating rooms in a reservation;
Print a guest list from the group reservation overview;
Improvements in Rates & Availability;
Small Improvements;

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New Functionality;
Combined city tax calculation;
Handling reservations with paid nights;
Improvement of rounding differences;
Small improvements;

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Small fixes;

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Printing registration forms from the action button;
Summary for unassigned reservations;
Housekeeping report;
Accessing open invoices from Cashier report;
Small fixes;

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Weekday in Day view;
Reservations list per room;
Company ID on Reservation overview;
Reservation status color for reservations ‘leaving today’;
Small Fixes.

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Action button – assign all unassigned reservations;
Highlight days in calendar for unassigned reservations;
Page re-design Market segments, Countries, Currencies, Users;
Nationality in Manage guests;
Colors in sidebars of Day view, Calendar and Rates & availability;
Toggle Calendar display and summary;
Export table below Performance dashboard;
Created on / by on reservation overview;
Rooms – selection for statistics, nationality report, not a room; Next company ID;
Currency change for reservation;
Paycard authorization with 0 amount;
Date Filter Format; Manual reservations past 400 days;
Rates & Availability Page;
Small Fixes.

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